Placement Policy

** Students: Please be advised placement is neither promised nor guaranteed.

This institution maintains activities that will list known Employers, assist the student in obtaining an interview with employment personnel as well as assistance with resumes and interviewing skills. Many companies may contact the school for candidates for employment. We will take their job orders and attempt to match graduates. The school will make every effort to assist those students committed to job placement.

Camino Real may offer a student several job referrals before the student obtains a permanent position, the school shall have the right to discontinue placement services to graduates when the following occurs:

  1. Refuse a job after three(3) job offers
  2. You fail to pass a drug/alcohol test
  3. You fail to keep an interview appointment

Advise Employment Coordinator of all information regarding background, employment and medical history, which may help and or hinder employment Opportunities.

  • Notify the Employment Coordinator of any change in address or telephone numbers.
  • Notify Employment Coordinator of self-obtained employment (providing start date, name of employer, salary rate, hours per week, correct employer contact person and telephone/Fax number.
  • Graduates should contact the school at least twice a week to obtain employment leads and interviews.
  • After each interview graduates are requested to provide follow – up information regarding the outcome of the interview and if additional positions are available.
  • Students must be available to travel OTR (Over the Road) with an employer to gain commercial driving experience. Local jobs may NOT be an option for most.