Success Stories

Camino Real established itself in an industry that is vast and open for employment. We help over 100 to 200 graduates annually transitioned into Long Haul and Local jobs. Most of the industries we serve accept student driver and or experienced drivers. Although requirements may stress experience, our graduates are able to use actual training miles as driving miles, which compensates for road experience. The commercial industry is wide open with high a turnover rate and equally high re-employment rate.

The Long Haul Industry

Driving long distance will give new drivers considerable experience, which is widely asked for by most local employers. Long Haul driving consists of hauling freight and materials from coast to coast, Canada and Mexico. Long haul drivers are paid by the mile verses by the hour; therefore the more miles driven, the higher the wages.

OTR (Over the Road) experience is not only valuable; it also increases driving skills in all types of weather and road conditions. Local driving cannot provide these skills. OTR driving not only enhances an individual’s employability locally, it also presents assurance of safe driving practices and timely deliveries.

The Local Industry

Local driving is the preference of many new commercial drivers, due to the convenience of being home every day and the need to be close to family. This great demand by new drivers to work locally versus long haul has generated enormous competition. Local positions although available for inexperienced drivers, lessens the opportunities and decrease the pay scale by 10%. It also raises the hiring requirements, making it more difficult for new drivers to land the perfect local job.


Employment opportunities are vast. We receive on an average of (5) employer request for driver’s every week. Most of the openings are continual, while others need immediate filling. Our graduates keep in contact with us for job openings, both local and long haul. We also contact graduates via our website or newsletters, to notify them of up coming recruiters and industry information.

The following companies have hired graduates from Camino Real since 1995.

Long Haul

Swift Transportation48 States$0.21 p/m – $10.00
Schneider National48 States$0.22 p/m – $10.50
CRST International48 States$0.18 p/m – $9.75
Covenant Trans.48 States$0.18 p/m – $9.75
C.R. England48 States$0.21 p/m – $10.00
Pacific Express48 States$0.18 p/m – $9.75


Tejeda TruckingCalifornia$14.00 p/h
Shippers TransportCal. Ports$40% – $11.00 p/h
South Down ConcreteCalifornia$13.80 p/h
Robertson Ready MixCalifornia$10.50 p/h
Coach USACalifornia$8.75 p/h
MTACalifornia$10.00 p/h
Beauchamp Distr.California$10.50 + Comm.
There are many more employers which have hired from our school, this is just 1/3 the employer’s and types of opportunities available as a Camino Real Graduates.